Top 10 Superfoods for Gorgeous Skin, Hair and Nails

What’s the secret to beautiful, healthy skin and hair? It’s not in your make-up case but in your diet. Include these superfoods regularly into your diet and nourish your skin from within.

Our Top 5 Fruit & Veg Superfoods

1. Blueberries – Antioxidants in blueberries prevent premature ageing. Add a handful to your cereal or smoothie everyday.

2. Spinach – Full of nutrients and antioxidants such as lutein, which keeps your eyes healthy and sparkling. Add raw leaves to your salads or saute for a healthy side dish.

3. Tomatoes – The best source of anti-ageing antioxodant lycopene, the carotenoid that makes tomatoes red. Put aside those expensive anti-wrinkle creams!

4. Kiwis – Gives you a Vitamin C and antioxidant blast to keep your skin firm, help prevent wrinkles and protect you from cancer and heart disease. Also great for healthy teeth and bones!

5. Sweet Potatoes – Jam packed with beta-carotene, an antioxidant that fights ageing. For an easy dish, try roasting in the oven with some olive oil, salt, pepper and your favourite herbs.

Our Top 5 Other Superfoods

6. Yoghurt – Full of calcium which is great for posture, healthy teeth and nails.

7. Dark Chocolate – Make sure the chocolate you choose is at least 60% cacao and has a high flavanol content. Eaten in moderation, dark chocolate helps skin stay hydrated and can protect it from sun damage. Remember, in moderation!

8. Walnuts – A handful eaten as a snack or thrown into your salad gives you your daily dose of Omega-3 fatty acids (the ones that are good for you!) and Vitamin E. They act as a natural moisturiser to your skin to keep it supple.

9. Oysters – Great source of zinc which helps skin cell renewal and repair.

10. Water – And we can’t forget or miss out water. Even mild dehydration will make your skin look dry and tired. Absolutely essential for gorgeousness!