About Us

Here, at redapple HQ, we’re passionate about fresh produce. And good food.

Think of us as your online greengrocer. We delivery fresh fruit and veg to you once a week. You can choose what you like or get one of our very popular weekly bags of goodness.  Check us out at: www.redappledelivery.com

We make it really easy for you. Place your order online whenever you’re free. Once a week, your fresh fruit & veg will appear on your doorstep. Magic! Behind the scenes, we work hard to pick and choose the best produce, pack it and deliver it fresh to your door.

Why do we do this? We want you to concentrate on eating fresh and healthy food all week. Oh, and having fun! Leave the hard work to us. Life’s too short for grocery shopping right?!

And because we’re nice like that, we’ve started this blog to keep you updated on all the goings on at Red Apple HQ. We’d love you to share our journey. We also wanted to share our lovely recipes with you and tips on eating seasonally, eating well and eating healthily (most of the time! Treats are always allowed!). If you’re inspired, why don’t you get a red apple delivery today?


Fruity wishes from, the RED APPLE team at redapple HQ


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